Fresh Find: Mid Century Tambour

Oh how I love when things seem to present themselves out of no where to me. This is especially true in the case of this mid century chest complete with a tambour front. I haven't been able to find any distinguishing marks on the chest to determine its maker, but have been searching online for chests with similar traits so I can get a better idea about its history. Until then, I am quite happy to sit back and enjoy the beauty of this chest in our living room.

Any of you MODerators have any insight on this piece?


Fresh Find: Basic-Witz High Boy

So it's been a bit of a highboy heavy month here at Oh My Mod. After finding and rejuvenating a Danish inspired chest of drawers, we came across a great deal on yet another highboy that was in pristine condition. I'm never one to shy away from a great deal so I loaded this one up too.

Fresh Find: Danish High Boy

We realize we have been absent for quite some time and for that we apologize. However, the break in communication doesn't mean that we haven't been up to anything. No sir, that is most certainly not the case.