Fresh Find: Vintage Eyeball Arc Lamps (For Sale)

 As I have explained before, mid century lighting holds a special place in my heart. Interior and exterior lighting from the 1950s and 1960s has always fascinated me and I enjoy whenever I come across authentic pieces. Mid century lighting/accessories are great way to accent a modern home and they help create a certain ambiance through their style and luminescence.


Fresh Find: Vintage Eames Soft Pad Executive Chair

Did I mention it has been a good week? First I found and bought that magnificent, mustard colored mid century chair and then I was also fortunate enough to pick up this vintage Eames Soft Pad Executive Chair by Herman Miller!

Fresh Find: Golden Mid Century Chair

It's been a nice week here for us here at Oh My Mod. We recently wrapped up our living room project (photos of the finished product coming in the next couple of days), the sun has been shining and we've also been lucky enough to snag a few great pieces to add to our home. While some of those pieces will be made available to the rest of you Oklahomans/Tulsans with a passion for mid century furniture and decor, the piece above will be staying right here with us. For now anyway...


Wrap It Up: The Perpetual Paper Dilemma of an Obsessive Compulsive

Here's the thing. Each year as we embark upon the laborious process of deciding what to get everyone for Christmas, we're confronted with not just one stage of terrible decisions, but two. First, what can we get our relatives that they would actually want? And two, what kind of paper will we wrap their present in?


Mid Century Themed Greeting Cards

Ahh yes, the holidays are upon us. We all love the holidays, right? It's that special time of year where moms, dads, husbands and wives scurry through the streets and shops searching for the must-have gift of the year so they can express their appreciation to friends, family members and general acquaintances. Good times for all, right? Well, almost all. The holiday season is also the time for procrastinators such as myself drive to ourselves mad by putting these heartfelt decisions off until "tomorrow". This undoubtedly leads to excessive amounts of stress, indecision and in some cases loss of hair and/or appetite. As you might expect, I am once again tip-toeing the line of procrastination on another fairly common holiday task. What might that be you ask? Well I'm talking about greeting cards of course.

Deck the Halls

Remember when we said it would be another week before we'd do anything in the living room? Well, we totally lied. With Christmas quickly approaching, I decided the floors are dry enough to put up our wonderfully pre-lit and easy-to-assemble tree. No worries, we put down a dish towel under the tree stand to make sure no painted concrete was harmed in the process. Our little horned owl kept watch and made sure everything was done in a super-cautious manner. Also, we won't share picks quite yet, but we may or may not have laid down some of our carpet tiles to get a feel how they will look (and then promptly picked them back up to avoid damaging the not-quite-yet-cured concrete). Our thoughts? They're going to look awesome.


Color Story

We're officially terrible bloggers. In fact, we're so terrible, we're just now posting about something that happened almost two months ago. Remember long, long ago when we said we had plans for changing the living room color? Well, it's been done - in fact, it was my birthday present to myself. Literally. I woke up and said, "L, we're painting the living room today and it's happening because it's my birthday and we do what I say on my birthday." Mind you, it wasn't really a "today" type task - a 15x30 room with 11' ceilings does not make for a simple task. Achieving a cleaner, more modern living area with such a large space can be tough. But, as the pic illustrates, we decided a good place to start was by opting for a more stark palette to simplify things.