Diamonds in the Rough: The vintage, mid century modern variety.

This is a bit of a past meets present post. A few months back, I was driving around the city while K was away for the weekend. At the time, I had been in another small slump as far as finding anything of substance. I had visited all the normal haunts and even resorted to stopping by a few garage sales, but it looked like I was destined to have another fruitless hunt. I had just decided to give up and head back home when I happened to spot something out of the corner of my eye in the backyard of an unkempt house. I couldn't be sure, but I suspected I had seen a potential treasure.


Spotted: Free, Retro Record Cabinet/Console

Do you know what I love more than vintage/retro items? Free vintage/retro items!

I spotted this next to a dumpster behind a local thrift store and had to take a quick shot to share with those of you who might be interested in re-purposing this retro record console that has been stripped of its speakers. This could be a quick fix MODerators. There are tons of options for covering up the spots that previously held the speakers or you could cover the back and build in some quick shelves. Voila! Instant TV stand with vintage flair.

Located behind Value Thrift. 11th and Memorial.

Jump on it people. Before I do. Oh, and if you do grab it and convert this into something awesome, you need to email us (info@ohmymod.net) with photos of your work. Maybe we'll feature it here. You can facebook us too (www.facebook.com/ohmymod)


Mid Century Smalls: A Fun Fix for a Mid Century "Junkie"

When it comes to hunting for vintage and mid century items, I've typically stuck to searching for the larger items and forsaking the smalls. That's not to say that I have no interest in smaller items, but bigger ticket pieces have always seemed easier for me to find. I've know of other blogs and local shops who have fantastic smalls, but since I'm not a regular visitor of estate or garage sales, I figured my time would be better spent on the vintage sofas, lounge chairs, dining sets and what not. Not to mention the fact that space is already pretty limited here at the Oh My Mod house, so piling up a bunch of little odds and ends may not be the greatest idea for a happy home. It's far too easy for a vintage lover to get sucked in by the charm of smalls, so for quite some time I told myself that I wouldn't get caught up in that game.

Well...I guess I failed.


Running a mid century modern blog? Where does the time go?

Aaaaannnndddd we're back MODerators.

Wow. Are we horrible bloggers or what? Actually, to be fair, we are pretty good at doing the stuff that merits having a blog. (At least we think so.) I mean, we do pretty much all of the things that other mid century bloggers do, right? Let's visit the checklist: