It's A Smalls World After All. More Fresh Finds.

Nothing substantial to report here. I just thought I'd take a few moments to share with you some of the smalls I picked up recently. I thought it was a pretty decent haul. What say you?


Fresh Find: DUX Coffee Table

We picked up this Swedish coffee table on a recent trip to see family in another part of the state. It happened to be at a little thrift/antique store in a town on the way. We actually had visited this store once before and were able to come away with some pretty great pieces of furniture. Given that we were in the neighborhood, we decided we'd try our luck once more.


Focusing on the Bedroom: Kent Coffey, Nine Drawer Perspecta Dresser

As you can probably tell from previous posts here on Oh My Mod, the pieces that we have picked over the years have been aimed at our living room. While this has provided us with the means to put together a pretty great living area, it has left our bedroom looking rather neglected. Recent acquisitions of significant value have been targeted as items for trade that will hopefully address our less than stellar bedroom furniture. But that doesn't mean that I have stopped looking on my own. Oh no siree. I'm always on the lookout and I am happy to report that I recently netted us this nine drawer dresser from the Kent Coffey Perspecta line.


Fresh Find: Adrian Pearsall Dining Chairs

Feast your eyes on the most recent, and oh so sweet find from the Oh My Mod house! It's OK, you can blink a couple times and rub your eyes if necessary. But let us assure you, there is nothing wrong with your computer screen. Do not attempt to adjust the picture, because we are controlling this transmission and it is most definitely filled with fantastic mid century modern dining chairs. Adrian Pearsall for Craft Associates (1613-C) to be exact!