Modern Meets Western

As we hinted in our earlier post, this weekend was particularly kind to us on the "finding awesome stuff for next to nothing" front. In fact, my most exciting take home was free! As a country girl at heart (a result of growing up in the middle of nowhere and, as my sisters and husband will tell you, playing in the mud), I have a soft spot for mixing modern touches with western items. So for the past two years I've been itching to find a cowhide rug and set of horns that we could mix in with our mid century decor. We almost sprung for a rug earlier this spring, but decided that we should wait until we can pull up the carpet and replace it with stained concrete or wood (the thought being that a cowhide rug wouldn't be nearly as exciting on top of our cheap carpet). We've also spotted a few sets of horns in junk shops throughout Tulsa, but with price tags of over $70 for a tiny set I just hadn't found anything that I felt was worth my money.


Fresh Find: Out of the Blue

Over the past two years, we've been lucky enough to furnish our home with a combination of new and used furniture that fits our style and budget. The countless hours spent combing through junk stores, garage sales, online ads and retailers have served us well. So well in fact that we rarely spend time looking for or at anything very large because we don't really have the need for those things any longer. But as we learned this weekend, not having a need for something doesn't mean you turn it away when it pops up out of the blue.


For the Birds

Literally. We've done shockingly little around the house lately, so we decided to take on a small project that we knew would be nearly impossible to not finish. Earlier this summer we happened upon a simple DIY project for modern glass globe bird feeders on The Art of Doing Stuff (via Curbly), which we both thought would be the perfect solution for our backyard bird menagerie. So when we spotted a white globe at our local thrift store for a mere 99 cents, we snatched it up, ran to Home Depot for a bit of rope, and headed home. 


Fresh Find: 1960s, Mid Century Lane Coffee Table

During a recent online hunt, I  came across a listing on Craigslist for a free coffee table. As you know, a listing with a title like this is nothing special in the world of online ads. They are a dime a dozen and generally are such a waste of time I almost never bother opening them. Notice I said almost.