Spotted: Free, Retro Record Cabinet/Console

Do you know what I love more than vintage/retro items? Free vintage/retro items!

I spotted this next to a dumpster behind a local thrift store and had to take a quick shot to share with those of you who might be interested in re-purposing this retro record console that has been stripped of its speakers. This could be a quick fix MODerators. There are tons of options for covering up the spots that previously held the speakers or you could cover the back and build in some quick shelves. Voila! Instant TV stand with vintage flair.

Located behind Value Thrift. 11th and Memorial.

Jump on it people. Before I do. Oh, and if you do grab it and convert this into something awesome, you need to email us (info@ohmymod.net) with photos of your work. Maybe we'll feature it here. You can facebook us too (www.facebook.com/ohmymod)


  1. I would have grabbed that in a heartbeat. Its perfect to use as a media cabinet. LCD above, dvd player, etc. in the storage below. I hope someone picked it up.

    1. My thoughts exactly! It would have been such an easy fix for someone to convert this puppy into something usable again.

      Unfortunately, if I had brought it home I might have had to find a way to make it into a bed to sleep on for a few nights! Too many unfinished projects laying around the house for the wife to be OK with bringing another home!