Focusing on the Bedroom: Kent Coffey, Nine Drawer Perspecta Dresser

As you can probably tell from previous posts here on Oh My Mod, the pieces that we have picked over the years have been aimed at our living room. While this has provided us with the means to put together a pretty great living area, it has left our bedroom looking rather neglected. Recent acquisitions of significant value have been targeted as items for trade that will hopefully address our less than stellar bedroom furniture. But that doesn't mean that I have stopped looking on my own. Oh no siree. I'm always on the lookout and I am happy to report that I recently netted us this nine drawer dresser from the Kent Coffey Perspecta line.

So where does that leave us? Well, I guess it can only be described as one down, many more to go. *Sigh*

Why couldn't I have been so lucky as to pick up a full suite of this lovely line of mid century modern bedroom furniture? Wouldn't it be much better for me and everyone else involved if I just stumbled a king size headboard, gentleman's chest/highboy and a set of end tables along with this piece? One can dream right?

As you may or may not know, the Kent Coffey furniture company produced a number of popular lines of furniture during the 50's and 60's and is probably best known for its similarity to the Broyhill Brasilia line. In fact, because the two lines are so similar, many amateur mid century enthusiasts commonly mistake Kent Coffey pieces for Brasilia. While this is most definitely a mistake, the two companies do share a bond other than their appearance. Both companies were started out of Lenoir, North Carolina and the two owners, Harold Coffey and James Broyhill, were friends as well as competitors. How neat.

As you might expect, opinions on which line is better vary from person to person to person. Many people prefer the dramatic appearance of the Brasilia line, while others (myself included) prefer the subtle inclusion of the architectural elements. Don't get me wrong. I'd snap up any Brasilia pieces I can get in a moment's notice if the price was right, but I am quite pleased with the acquisition of this piece from the Perspecta line. I really love the rosewood and walnut combination on these pieces. It provides the piece with such a rich look.

A large mirror came with the dresser and we will be mounting it in the brackets on the backside of the dresser once we are able to sell our current dresser. Which reminds me, if any of you Okie MODerators are in the market for a nine drawer dresser with a ton of space and good style, let me know. You can leave a comment here, hit us up on Facebook or email us at info@ohmymod.net.

Until then, I guess it's back to the hunt. I've got a lot of Perspecta to pick up if our bedroom is ever going to catch up with the rest of the house. Who knows, maybe I'll be lucky enough for the rest to fall in my lap. Maybe....

Kent Coffey Perspecta stamp inside drawer.

Detail shot of a portion of the mirror. (Uncleaned sorry!)

Backside of the mirror. Mmmm..walnut & rosewood.

Anyone in the market for a new/old dresser? Nine drawers and six feet in length!


  1. Love this dresser, just found one like in on Craigslist for $60 and yes I am going to get it!

  2. I have a full bedroom set of this for sale in Chatham NY.