For the Birds

Literally. We've done shockingly little around the house lately, so we decided to take on a small project that we knew would be nearly impossible to not finish. Earlier this summer we happened upon a simple DIY project for modern glass globe bird feeders on The Art of Doing Stuff (via Curbly), which we both thought would be the perfect solution for our backyard bird menagerie. So when we spotted a white globe at our local thrift store for a mere 99 cents, we snatched it up, ran to Home Depot for a bit of rope, and headed home. 

I won't go into the instructions and such since they're listed in detail on the original post, but I will say that using a bit of painters tape to hold the rope in place while securing it to the globe made a world of difference. 

In the spirit of helping our little bird friends out, we also finally put up this amazing little bird house from my mom (check out Robin Wolf Pottery here). Since we have a ton of birds that frequent our backyard, we're hoping our two newest additions might convince them to stick around a bit more (well, at least the cardinals and blue jays -- the rest can go). 

In other house related news, the recent rash of storms has left us with a few projects on our hands. Namely, setting all new posts for our back fence, cutting down trees, and roof repairs. Since the weather is *finally* cooling down, expect to see more projects on a much more frequent basis.   

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