Modern Meets Western

As we hinted in our earlier post, this weekend was particularly kind to us on the "finding awesome stuff for next to nothing" front. In fact, my most exciting take home was free! As a country girl at heart (a result of growing up in the middle of nowhere and, as my sisters and husband will tell you, playing in the mud), I have a soft spot for mixing modern touches with western items. So for the past two years I've been itching to find a cowhide rug and set of horns that we could mix in with our mid century decor. We almost sprung for a rug earlier this spring, but decided that we should wait until we can pull up the carpet and replace it with stained concrete or wood (the thought being that a cowhide rug wouldn't be nearly as exciting on top of our cheap carpet). We've also spotted a few sets of horns in junk shops throughout Tulsa, but with price tags of over $70 for a tiny set I just hadn't found anything that I felt was worth my money.

Enter giant change of luck. While at our family's house this weekend we found multiple sets of horns in the garage, which we were lucky enough to get to drag back home to love and care for. The largest set (pictured above) was originally bound by velvet, which has deteriorated significantly, and the second set we brought home has never been bound. I've done a little research on what it will take to mount them, but I'm thinking I'll need to find more information or bite the bullet and have a taxidermist do it for us. In addition to binding and mounting both sets, the horns themselves need a little TLC - from what I've read, there are a variety of methods you can use to polish them up (I'm thinking maybe we'll go this route). We're also still debating on where these will go, so here's a few inspiration photos that are influencing future placement prospects. Also, hint at our next post, notice how all of these photos have light walls...

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