Fresh Find: Out of the Blue

Over the past two years, we've been lucky enough to furnish our home with a combination of new and used furniture that fits our style and budget. The countless hours spent combing through junk stores, garage sales, online ads and retailers have served us well. So well in fact that we rarely spend time looking for or at anything very large because we don't really have the need for those things any longer. But as we learned this weekend, not having a need for something doesn't mean you turn it away when it pops up out of the blue.

In order to kill some time this weekend, we decided to rummage through a couple of antique and junk stores in hopes of finding something worthy of coming home with us. You see, like the majority of Oklahoma, we've been in a bit of a drought. "Finds" have been hard to come by recently and nothing about our experience this weekend was indicating that the dry spell would come to end. After a few hours of relative disappointment, we decided to call it a day and accept the fact that our luck wasn't going to change anytime soon.

We were wrong.

As we were heading home, a sign in the window of a small store caught our eye. We weren't familiar with the store and it appeared to be closed, but we decided to stop and take a peek in the window. The drought was officially over! In fact, not only did it rain, it poured.Long story short, after a quick phone call we had met with the owner, browsed through the shop and were well on our way to loading up the amazing sofa and chairs you see above and below. (The sofa color is a bit off in the photos due to the horrible camera in my old iPhone.)

The buttons and wooden legs had our attention from the start, and its length of 8' 7" sealed the deal. The accompanying slipper chairs and super low prices were an unexpected bonus. As is the case with many things that are 50 years old, a little TLC is necessary but nothing too major. We're sure they all will look fantastic once they've been dusted off. We still aren't sure whether we will keep or sell our new finds, but when something this fantastic presents itself to you, you'd have to be out of your mind to turn it away.

What are your thoughts MOD-erators? Should they stay or should they go?
All 103" of mid century beauty.
(All three pieces made by the WH Gunlocke Chair Co.)

The slipper chairs.
And again.


  1. Go! To me, of course. Exactly what I've been looking for.

  2. We still haven't made any decisions - if you're seriously interested, though, let us know. We'll always consider offers!