Getting Back on Track

As I'm sure you can tell, we've been failing miserably at blogging lately. Between the resurgence of summer heat (which has finally broken again) and the effects of some crazy storms on our fence, trees, and roof, we've been swamped. Needless to say, these past few weeks have been full of unwanted surprises and projects, all of which drained our creative appetite (and budget). But, since fall is (maybe) finally here, we're trying to get back on the blogging track and on the path toward some other projects we've been pondering and planning.

The first of these projects is actually an unexpected one that we didn't think we'd get to tackle for quite some time - new flooring! Well, kind of - at least for a few rooms. For a few weeks now I've been bugging L to let me pull up the living room carpets and paint - yes, paint! - the concrete floors in hopes of creating a more cohesive and modern looking room (for some reason tan shag carpet doesn't really do it for us). I even spent several days researching the process and looking at painted concrete floors and modern flooring options on Pinterest and Houzz in an effort to find neat examples of how it could look in the end. The result? A quick "I'm not so sure about that idea." In all fairness, L's position of not knowing the condition of the concrete and the costs associated with painting and purchasing rugs to avoid an icy cold concrete room was completely factual and reasonable.

So when we had the opportunity to snag up several hundred square feet of wonderfully perfect carpet tiles, it seemed like fate! At this point we're not exactly sure how things will work, but we're thinking of taking up the living room carpet and either doing two large rugs (one for the living area and one for the dining area), or creating one huge rug that spans the room and leaves a border of concrete around the edge. In addition to the living room, we picked up enough squares to do L's office, which he has major plans for. Here's some photos that are inspiring us right now. But what's really exciting is just the thought of how much better these two rooms will look in the end.

So what else is cooking at Oh My Mod? Well, as I said, L has some big plans with his office right now that involve picking up something that costs $2,000 new for only $40 on Craigslist, repurposed doors, and of course those new carpet tiles we've been talking about. In addition to this, we're really hoping we can tackle that modern horizontal fence re-do we talked about a couple of weeks ago. And, finally we're planning on undertaking the beginnings of a new, more subtle, paint scheme in the house, beginning with the living and dining area. It's a lot to take on, but someone's gotta do it.

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