Hello, Hello

Welcome to the much pondered, much promised, and much prolonged blog of our only slightly interesting lives. For those of you who know us, the idea of a blog on our fabulously wonderful mid century house, insanely good taste, and general awesomeness has been batted around for quite some time. For those of you who don’t know us, “we” would be me, K, with the “he” in “we” being L. 

Unfortunately, when you combine two highly analytical individuals and ask them to make such a life-altering decision, well, you generally get indecision. So, as analyticals, we approached the blog with the same questions most twenty-somethings would ask themselves before they embark upon the task of procreating:
  • Are we really ready to dedicate our lives to a baby/blog? Because, as you might expect, we’re sure to experience instant fame and riches once those on the internets realize how fabulous and original this blog is. As a result we’ll be chained to our computers answering thousands of fan emails a minute. As you can imagine, this leaves less and less time to tend to the marriage that makes this blog possible.
  • What if the baby/blog only looks like one of us? As a Leb, but more as a designer, Lathen has some pretty strong attributes and opinions. And, as a woman, I am, of course, always right. Combine these two realities and you’re bound to get at least a few arguments and disagreements about who’s opinion/method/post is more superior.
  • Will Rylee, our first “child,” still love us if we have a baby/blog? Again, for those of you who know us, Rylee is the love of our life and, as a result, an incredibly needy dog. His two greatest foes are known around the house as the “silver box” and the “white box” (aka, our computers), and he can be seen on any given night attempting to crash both computers by stomping all over the keyboards.
  • Can we afford a baby/blog on our current salaries? Since the hope is for this blog to chronicle our house updates, we obviously need to be able to afford those fabulous projects that you will see on this blog and be insanely jealous of.
So, as you can see, we’ve put an inordinate amount of thought into (pro)creating this blog. I’m almost positive that we’ll be terrible parents/bloggers--you know, the kind that let their kids run wild through Wal-Mart while looking like they’d really rather just leave them in the canned soup section and run. Or, in the case of a blog, the kind that gets started and then never tended to. But, in the end, we’ve just decided that we have so much insightful design and general life-related knowledge to share with the world that we can’t not start a blog.

With all of that said, by becoming a devout reader of this blog, you can expect to become a much more worldly, thoughtful, creative, and generally spectacular individual. On a more serious note, though, we hope to post about a variety of things that we are either doing at our house (i.e. - DIY projects, delightful dinners we cook up, Craigslist and garage sale finds, and--if we’re ever rich enough--remodels), or things that we just generally find interesting. The photo above is one we snapped the first day we saw our lovely abode -- things have changed a bit since that fateful day, so we promise to post more current photos in the very near future. Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoy this.


  1. Looking good! If I may, I'd like to impart some lessons from my blogging experience.
    1. Quantity over quality. It sucks but I found it to be true. More posts always beats better posts, it's all about the momentum.
    2. If you're able to, get some guest posters to step in every now and then and write about stuff they know. Think about what your pals can bring to the party that you can't and then guilt trip them. All of the payoff with none of the effort!

    Other than that just stick with it. I found it to be a great creative outlet.

  2. Any chance Handlebar Jones would want to do a guest piece? Thanks for the tips - we're not quite sure how things will work out, but we're excited about getting to share some of the things we're doing around the house or just thinking about. And I miss your blog - you are such a great writer!