Fresh Find: Vintage Eyeball Arc Lamps (For Sale)

 As I have explained before, mid century lighting holds a special place in my heart. Interior and exterior lighting from the 1950s and 1960s has always fascinated me and I enjoy whenever I come across authentic pieces. Mid century lighting/accessories are great way to accent a modern home and they help create a certain ambiance through their style and luminescence.

I happened to come across this pair of mid century era, eyeball arc lamps on a recent hunt and was lucky enough to pick them up before they went to waste. The current owner was getting rid of a number of items from his parents' home and the lamps weren't to his liking. After a short discussion on the lamps, I offered to take them off his hands so that they could benefit someone the same way they did his parents. In the end, I think everyone wins. The previous owner was a step closer to emptying his parents' home (and picked up a few extra dollars in the process), the arc lamps get a chance to shed light on another owner and I get the satisfaction of saving these lovely accessories from the dump or years of neglect.

Given that I don't currently have room for either lamp, I have posted them for sale so that someone else can enjoy them. If you or someone you know are interested in making one (or both) of these lamps part of your home, you can find them on craiglist here or just leave a comment below. I think these would make a great xmas gift to any modern minded individual and would be a nice alternative to the things commonly found in retail.

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