Fresh Find: Vintage Eames Soft Pad Executive Chair

Did I mention it has been a good week? First I found and bought that magnificent, mustard colored mid century chair and then I was also fortunate enough to pick up this vintage Eames Soft Pad Executive Chair by Herman Miller!

I've always admired the style of these chairs and have been on the lookout for a similar model (Eames Aluminum Chair) to utilize in my home office. Though I prefer the style of the Eames Aluminum Chair over the Soft Pad Executive, I couldn't let this chair go to waste or end up in the hands of someone who wouldn't appreciate it.

The chair is in pretty great condition overall. It swivels, rocks and rolls without any problems and the ultramarine wool upholstery is in pretty great condition. The padding in the cushion of the chair is in solid condition but has been well used over the years. The only real blemish on the chair is that the plating at the front curve of the arms has been worn away from years of use and sliding/grinding under a desk. What a shame.

Nonetheless, the chair is still in fantastic shape and I rarely pass on the chance to pick up a vintage Eames piece. I'll most likely use the chair here in my home office for a bit, but ultimately will be offering it up to the public so that it will go to someone who will truly appreciate it. I was surprised at how much this chair goes for brand new. It almost knocked me back when I saw the price! ($2,166.65 on sale mind you) Craziness! That obviously isn't the case with this vintage piece, but they still have a fair value even when certain defects are present. I'll be posting the chair on Facebook and probably Craigslist once I decide to put it up for sale and if anyone is interested before then just drop me a line here or on Facebook. Until then, I'll enjoy this classic piece of mid century office furniture while I have it.


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  2. Thanks! We've been a bit busy lately, but we've got a number of posts planned. Hope you are still enjoying it!