Deck the Halls

Remember when we said it would be another week before we'd do anything in the living room? Well, we totally lied. With Christmas quickly approaching, I decided the floors are dry enough to put up our wonderfully pre-lit and easy-to-assemble tree. No worries, we put down a dish towel under the tree stand to make sure no painted concrete was harmed in the process. Our little horned owl kept watch and made sure everything was done in a super-cautious manner. Also, we won't share picks quite yet, but we may or may not have laid down some of our carpet tiles to get a feel how they will look (and then promptly picked them back up to avoid damaging the not-quite-yet-cured concrete). Our thoughts? They're going to look awesome.

While our Christmas tree isn't anything terribly exciting, it is covered with lovely little ornaments that represent something memorable from the past years. It has become a tradition for us to find a new ornament each year to add to our already eclectic collection. Like the little owl above - this spring L was lucky enough to spot a baby horned owl in our backyard. After a brief moment of panic thinking that he might snatch up our pint-sized pooch, we were psyched to have a new neighbor. He didn't stay for long, but he was so incredibly beautiful that when we spotted our friend above, we knew he was destined for a shout out on OMM and a place on our ever-evolving tree.

Another favorite of ours is L's pickle ornament from about four years ago. L is a huge pickle fan - seriously, the kid pays $12 for a jar of McClure's, which, if you've never had them, are the most amazing pickles on earth. Seriously.

Next on the list has to be any number of the ornaments L's mom makes for us each year. We love them all, but my faves would have to be this one of our dog Rylee and then the ornament of our house.

Like I said, our favorite part about decorating the tree is pulling out ornaments from years past that meant something special to us at that point in our lives. No lie, it brings a tear to my eyes. Any of you MODerators have any special ornaments you can't live without?

An assortment of other ornaments adorning our tree.

A globe for all of our worldly travels.
One of L's passions.
Our favorite university - The University of Oklahoma
Santa and his list.
L is the pickle and I am the Pepper.
More OU themed ornaments from L's mom.
Scottish Santa for the time we spent living abroad.
Rylee loves his bones.
Another ornament for the cities we have spent time in.

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